Here’s  a list of funny, weird or incredible facts related to eating, drinking, or food in general in the English-speaking world. They have been compìled by our students from 3º E.S.O. “A”. Some of these facts might make you smile – others are unbelievable. Read on and enjoy:

  • Pimm’s is a very popular drink in London. Its ingredients are gin mixed with lemonade, fruit and mint. Pimm’s was created in 1823 by James Pimm to put it in the oysters that he sold in his restaurant.

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  • In England, the people meet to drink and eat something, and at the same time they also meet to talk in public houses or pubs. In England there are 60000 pubs.


  • In India, the people eat with their right hand. You shouldn’t eat with your left hand because it’s a bad manner in this country. If you eat with your left hand, you’ll be a messy person.
  • Since 2005, the South African people have celebrated the National Braai Day on 24 of September. On this day each guest brings some food to the Braai and then they make it together in the barbecue


  • In the U.S.A, if you drink alcoholic beverages, you have to be 21 years old, because they are forbidden for younger people.


  • In Britain, one typical drink is tea. Tea is an infusion. British people have a tea moment in the day. All British people together consume around 165,000,000 cups of tea in only one day. In one year, a British person takes more or less 2.5 kilograms of tea.


  • There is a typically Australian hamburger. It is made of kangaroo meat. Will you try it?


A lot of American people are very fat because they eat a lot of food with saturated fats, for example hot dogs, hamburger… etc, they like Italian food like pizza too

  • Tim Tams is a very popular Australian dish. They are biscuits. They’re made of two layers of chocolate- melted biscuit with a light layer of chocolate between them.


  • Poutine is one of the most popular dishes in Canada. The recipe is quite simple: a layer of french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. The dish is otiginally from Quebec, but it is quite common in the rest of the country and also across the border.


  • Colcannon is a traditional dish in Ireland. It is made of potatoes and cabbage. Other ingredients include milk, butter and seasoning


  • Kinnie is a typical Maltese soft drink. It looks like coca-cola, but it is actually quite different. It is made of bitter oranges plus a mixture of spices and herbs. It has a bitter taste.


  • Curry is a typical food in India. There are two villages in the UK that pay tribute to that foood. They are called North Curry and West Curry.


  • The hamburger is one of the most famous dishes in the USA. Sometimes cookers add feathers of duck to the dough for a better flexibility.
  • Wine is very typical in some countries. In 2007, an ice-cream shop created the first wine ice-cream in New York.


  • Beer is one of most popular drinks in the USA. There is a beer of camel that is made of camel excrements.


  • One typical food of Ghana is the ”fufú”. In Ghana, there used to be lots of slaves inside the prison.  When they needed food they said ”food, food” and the security officer gave them one plate of crushed banana. And today this plate of food has the name of fufú because of the pronunciation.
  • Guiness is a popular beer in Ireland, but about 40% of this beer is made in Africa.
  • In Canada we can eat moose snout. That is the snout boiled in onion, garlic, vinegar and a lot of species.